Jay Kesavan
3 min readMay 21, 2020



The unemployment rate among women is risen to 16.2%, compared to men’s 13.5% -nearly three points higher than men’s, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This was larger because women lost the majority of jobs in the industry sectors like education, health care, retail trade, etc. — affected by closures due to coronavirus. NWLC survey shows that the number of women who lost employment last month is greater than the 11.1 million jobs women gained between the end of the Great Recession in July 2010 and the start of the COVID-19 crisis in February 2020. Click here to see April’s job losses.


In the United States, Industrial production fell 11.2% in April — the biggest fall in the 101-year history of the index, as coronavirus caused the closure of factories across the country, the Federal Reserve said on Friday. The auto sector has been the worst hit, plunging more than 70 percent, according to the data. Manufacturing output decreased by 13.7%. Meanwhile, the utility production and mining output dropped 0.9% and 6.1 %, respectively. The oil and gas industry plummeted a record 28% and suffering from declining demand as the global economy slows.


NYC officials have identified that more than 100 children that have been hospitalized with symptoms consistent with a rare inflammatory disease possibly linked to the coronavirus and the same disease is also diagnosed in children elsewhere in Europe. Three of the children died with this disease, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this week. The cases have been reported in other states, including Mississippi, California, and Louisiana. Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an alert to parents to call their doctors immediately if children are showing symptoms, which include persistent rash, fever, abdominal pain, or vomiting.


The U.S. health-care industry lost 1.4 million jobs in April amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to data released from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bulk of lost healthcare jobs are in dentists’ offices — more than half a million jobs disappeared and nearly a quarter-million cut from physicians’ offices. Nursing and residential care facilities lost combined 113,100 jobs whereas 93,600 jobs lost in home healthcare services. Hospitals lost nearly 135,000 jobs last month, from 5.26 million to 5.13 million, a total drop of 2.6%. The majority of job losses given unforgettable pain for healthcare employees and some say a number of lost jobs might not come back.


The U.S. Treasury Department said that the federal government ran a budget deficit of $737 billion in April, up from $160 billion in the same month last year. A deteriorating economy, delays in tax deadlines, and stimulus aid have all led to the deficit’s growth. Tax revenue was $239 billion — dropped 55 percent from last year in April, as individuals and companies deferred payments. CBO expects that most of those payments will come later, but some businesses are pushed into insolvent, a portion of the funds will be lost.


A bull trying to alleviate an “itchy bum” using an electricity pole knocks out the power cut for 800 homes in a Scotland town, according to the New York Post. A four-year-old bull named Ron managed to avoid the fallen transformer box as it landed in his field, and escaped an 11,000-volt shock from the tumbling cables, reported by BBC. But, the incident left homes in three nearby villages in South Lanarkshire without electricity, and later a local utility company had restored the power.


Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel breaks the record for removing 63.3 tons of debris from the mouth of the Jones Falls River from April 1 to April 30, 2017, thus awarded Guinness World Record for removing the most floating debris by a trash receptor in one month. The wheel was invented by John Kellett in 2008 for the Healthy Harbor Initiative of the Waterfront Partnership of the City of Baltimore. The Mr. Trash Wheel is now going to appear in the 2020 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.