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Jay Kesavan
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Forrester study revealed that 93% of the businesses feel that consumers are likely to spend more with the brands they are connected with and it also found that 56% of brands said their strategy is informed by big data. On the other hand, another study states that 53% of the businesses have no time to collect feedback before their deliverables go live. According to Deloitte Digital report, 60 % of loyal consumers use an emotional language they generally use for family and friends when speaking of their favorite brands. So having a deep understanding with the consumer will enhance the connection.


As per Hollywood Reporter, in the U.S, the podcast is the top show launched in July 2020. So as per the sources, it has revealed that the show has 7 to 10 million downloads per month and rakes between $6 to $7 million in advertising per year. Despite the pandemic, podcast advertising spend has seen huge growth. US podcast ad spending would ramp up $1 billion in 2021 and would exceed $2.5 billion by 2025. Spotify reported that podcast ad revenues pulled up 627% YOY in Q2 2021. Last year, Amazon bought the ad service Megaphone at a deal worth $235 million.


January’s meme-stock resulted in a huge flow of Reddit users. This not only boosted stocks valuation but also raised users in turn, more revenue. As per The Financial Times, Reddit advertising revenue reached $100 million for the first time in Q2 and a 192% increase YOY. Previously Reddit would lag behind social media peers like Facebook and Twitter in generating revenue from the users. But in 2021, in the U.S among all major social networks, Reddit’s percentage of growth lagged only behind TikTok. According to its global executive vice president and president of advertising 77.5% of the UK population is Reddit users.


There is a tough advertising sale on Hulu, whereas only partial recovery in linear TV ad sales by 6.7% to $65.90 billion. eMarketers forecast that Hulu ad revenues would rose by 32.9% in 2021 to $3.39 billion and Hulu viewers will be pushed up by 8.1% to 110.2 million. It is also predicted that viewers of Hulu + Live TV would reach 11.9 million this year. In the U.S, Hulu + Live TV viewers would make up 10.8% of Hulu’s total viewer base, and that would account for 34.9% of virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) viewers.


Windows is the world’s popular operating system that accounts for about 14% of $168 billion of annual revenue. Windows 11 was inspired by an approach called calm technology and this sound might calm people down with less stress. Windows 11 does not make any hassle as Windows 10. In Windows 11 the sound pattern would be up-down-up that comes in at a lower pitch than the down-up-down chime.



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