Marketing Numbers of the Week


As per the inaugural forecast, US influencer marketing spending has been rose to 30% in 2021. Furthermore, it would exceed $3 billion this year and will ramp up by $4 billion by 2022. In the U.S the social network ad spending would make $58.66 billion by 2021. The US social network ad spending and influencer marketing spending would continue to surge in tandem as marketers are willing to invest more of their budgets on social media.


Zoom has raised $100 billion in market cap without any acquisition. Recently Zoom has purchased Five9 at a deal of $14.7 billion, this clearly shows that the company is willing to invest its inflated market cap on big deals. Zoom has lost about one-third in its last quarter, despite it has reported 191% revenue growth. Now Zoom is one of the top 25 most precious North American tech companies.


Recent studies say that majority of the United States population have been using Amazon voice-enabled Echo speaker at least once every month of about 19% in 2021. This is high when compared to the prior year’s 16%. This usage will be further increased to one percentage point by the end of 2025.


After the pandemic recovery, Snapchat and Twitter reported strong revenue gains in Q2. Snapchat has earned more than double revenue of $982 million in the quarter, where the daily active users (DAUs) increased by 23% to 293 million. On the other hand, Twitter’s revenue rose to 74% YoY to $1.19 billion, with ads drawing in $1.05 billion. DAUs rose to 7 million for a total of 206 million. The average daily content submissions have been tripled. In the U.S, the daily time spent per user was rose over 60% compared to the prior quarter.


Chipotle has announced that its revenue was pulled up by 38.7% YOY, whereas comp sales by 31.2% and digital sales by 10.5% in Q2 in this year. Only digital sales have produced $916.5 million during the quarter, where 50% of its sales coming from digital channels. CFO Jack Hartung said that the company is planning to start 200 restaurants in 2021, out of which 70% of them include digital. In this year Chipotle has opened 96 new units and the key growth strategies allow them to reach 6000 restaurants in North America, said Niccol.



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Jay Kesavan

Jay Kesavan

Ai | Future of Work | Prof. HR Analytics @ NYU