Marketing Numbers of the Week


Retail Brew teamed up with Harris Poll to run a survey and figure out which technology do consumers actually use while they shop. This survey was conducted with 1,993 United States adults and it has revealed that 71% of them used tech while shopping and 70% said it makes the shopping experience easier. 25% of respondents have been using QR codes while their shopping, 19% have used smart vending machines, 10% have used a virtual fitting room and only 8% have used biometric pay like fingerprint or palm scanning. Finally, 30% of people require more technology to be integrated with their shopping experience on the other hand 57% require less or remain as same.


A survey has been conducted in Feb 2021, on how often US podcast listeners skip Ads while they regularly listen to them. The survey has revealed that 70% of US podcast listeners fast forward through ads. 34% of US adults monthly podcast listeners almost always skip ads in the shows they regularly tune in to, 17% do so most of the time, 21.1% some of the time, 15.7% never. In reality, more than 7 in 10 bypass commercials in every episode they regularly watch.


Twitter announced its first subscription service called Twitter Blue. With this, it allows the people to tip select the users through the app and the company obtained newsletter platform Review to allow creators to publish and monetize newsletters. As well as the company set an ambitious goal to double its revenue and increase its user to 315 million daily active users by the end of 2023. According to its 1st quarter earnings report, advertising makes up more than 86% of Twitter’s revenue. Twitter’s core revenue stream would be its ads business for the foreseeable future. The eMarketer reported that they predict Twitter’s worldwide ad revenue rose 28.7% to $4.03 billion in 2021 after traffic acquisition costs.


DoorDash is one of the top food delivery apps, is expanding its grocery delivery service too. On Monday, DoorDash has said that it is partnering with Albertsons Cos. to serve on-demand grocery delivery from nearly 2,000 of Albertson’s stores. With this DoorDash shares closed up at 3.51% on Monday, while Albertsons gained 2.87%. Albertsons would provide more than 40,000 grocery items from stores for delivery. As per the grocery survey conducted by the firm’s U.S. online has stated that over one-quarter of shoppers said they are planning to buy groceries online more frequently. DoorDash now also delivers flowers, pet supplies, convenience store products and groceries and now the company has mentioned that in their latest earnings report, orders in these new categories pulled up 40% compared with the prior quarter.


With ever-increasing ads, customers have less influence on their actual decisions. Every day we see up to 10,000 ads and each of them is less impactful. But despite the decline across the industry, advertising is resilient. Impact on ad spend during the early months of the pandemic has been decreased but digital ad spending actually rose 12% in the prior year. As the world reopens, in-person experiences are high in demand. So, some major airlines have seen again 300% in bookings while demand for concert tickets swells as well.



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Jay Kesavan

Jay Kesavan

Ai | Future of Work | Prof. HR Analytics @ NYU