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As per Shopify’s The Direct-to-Consumer guide, ecommerce account for 6.6% of all CPG (consumer packaged goods) sales, and the DTC (direct-to-consumer) accounts for 40% of the sales growth in the sector. Moreover, mobile gamers provide a huge growth opportunity for D2C marketers. Tapjoy has conducted a survey of over 11,000 mobile consumers to know how consumers are eager for D2C products and services and released a report. The key findings are 70% are interested to try a new subscription product or service, whereas two-thirds of them prefer to shop directly from a brand rather than from a third-party retailer. 64% are more likely to engage with retail in-app than a social media sponsored post.


Brookfield Properties is now tie-up with The Aria Network to provide augmented reality (AR) ad inventory throughout its shopping centers nationwide. By this deal Aria gets rights to Brookfield Properties’ virtual air space, this covers more than 150 million square feet in 100-plus shopping malls across 42 states. This space is used to create AR opportunities for brands to advertise their content and the consumers can access it via mobile phones. As people spend most of their time on their smart phones so AR experience is becoming crucial to the retail industry.


With growing smartphone usage marketers got a chance to engage their consumers with their brands. As per eMarketers there is a 14% rise in time spent with mobile devices to an average of four hours and 16 minutes per day, where consumers are constantly increasing their mobile usage by 2.5% in 2021. Analytics firm Sensor Tower predicted that global consumer spending on Apple’s App Store and Google Play pulled up by 25% from the prior year to $64.9 billion in the first half of 2021.


The U.S. End-Of-Year Forecast report states that out of all advertising, digital advertising would account for 55% in the U.S. media. Whereas in another recent survey showed that 40% of the consumers said they are more willing to shop at a retailer that frequently sends them printed advertising. Over 50% of the consumers replied that when they have got a chance to buy a similar product from two different retailers then advertising brand would influence their decision. As per 2015 and 2019 research by the United States Postal Service and Temple University revealed that physical ads had a longer impact than digital on people.


Since 2018, the number of marketing jobs related to creators has been ramped up. As per Thinknum data, in 2021 there are 92,900 positions where Amazon is the single job poster with 40 active roles. Which pushes back the social media companies like Facebook, ByteDance, and Google, which all cracked the top 10. Creator-focused and the three quickly growing parts of Amazon’s business are Amazon live, Prime Video and Twitch. The Twitch total watch time rose to 67.36% year over year from 11 billion hours in 2019 to 18.41 billion hours in 2020, the eMarketer reported.



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Jay Kesavan

Jay Kesavan

Ai | Future of Work | Prof. HR Analytics @ NYU