How BlueHippo Helps You Find Your Next Analytics Consultants

The show must go on. COVID or not the analytics projects need to be executed, marketing campaigns need to be run, and companies need to find ways to service their customers in the most effective way possible.

Finding talent during good times is pretty hard and significantly expensive. We founded a platform to identify talent and execute projects. It’s as simple as posting a project and consultants bidding on the project. Find the right bid that suits your need and get your projects on the way.BlueHippo will do the vetting and contract management.

How do I get started?

1. Sign up for an account at

2. Post an Analytics project and set the skills you are looking for

3. Set budget and let the candidate bid for the project

How does it work?

  • Move away from resumes & get tailored pitches meeting your need: Move away from resumes and find great candidates or teams quickly and get your projects started. Start looking at bids tailored for your project.
  • Unlimited data project postings: There is absolutely no cost to post a project. You can post the postings as many times you want, there is no charge for you.

Reach us at and ask a service agent for support.



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