Forrester study revealed that 93% of the businesses feel that consumers are likely to spend more with the brands they are connected with and it also found that 56% of brands said their strategy is informed by big data. On the other hand, another study states that 53% of…



The top 15 U.S companies in e-commerce sales will account for 72.3% of total e-commerce sales in the United States in 2021. As per the eMarketers report, 8 out of 15 retailers would rose the U.S. retail e-commerce sales growth rate by 17.9%. Esty would stand at the top…



In this year the U.S influencer marketing spent would raise by 33.6% to $3.69 billion. Further, the prediction resembles that the US marketers would allocate nearly $1 billion to influencer marketing in 2021, as they did in the prior year. This is the highest spending growth in the industry…



Amazon announced that its advertising business revenue has been pushed up by 87% YOY to $7.9 billion in Q2. This was raised from 41% YOY growth to 77% in the previous quarter. The company also stated that it has introduced 40 new features, self-services in this quarter and planning…



As per the inaugural forecast, US influencer marketing spending has been rose to 30% in 2021. Furthermore, it would exceed $3 billion this year and will ramp up by $4 billion by 2022. In the U.S the social network ad spending would make $58.66 billion by 2021. …



Gartner researcher conducted a survey with 400 executives who are holding the CMO title in North America, the U.K., France and Germany in May 2021. The research found that the marketing budget dropped from 11% of company revenue in 2020 to 6.4% in 2021. The brands with revenue of…



As per Shopify’s The Direct-to-Consumer guide, ecommerce account for 6.6% of all CPG (consumer packaged goods) sales, and the DTC (direct-to-consumer) accounts for 40% of the sales growth in the sector. Moreover, mobile gamers provide a huge growth opportunity for D2C marketers. Tapjoy has conducted a survey of over…



In the United States, the social commerce sale in 2021 is about $36.62 billion, pulled up when compared to the previous year 35.8%. As per the inaugural forecast, Facebook is the top-rated social commerce platform with 56.1 million buyers, followed by Instagram with 32.4 million, then Pinterest with 13.9…



Now Facebook is taking a step forward to make social commerce more accessible further by expanding Shops and experimenting with AR and AI tools on Instagram and WhatsApp. As per the company, the social platform’s Shops feature has more than 1.2 million monthly active users and more than 300…



Retail Brew teamed up with Harris Poll to run a survey and figure out which technology do consumers actually use while they shop. This survey was conducted with 1,993 United States adults and it has revealed that 71% of them used tech while shopping and 70% said it makes…

Jay Kesavan

Ai | Future of Work | Prof. HR Analytics @ NYU

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